Our Mission & Goals

Riverway Communities of Hope Mission Statement

Providing hope, support and encouragement,

we serve the needs of small town and rural youth,

helping them to grow in a safe, nurturing environment.

Riverway Communities of Hope, a 501(c)(3) non-profit group, was organized in Southwest Wisconsin to address the needs of area youth with substance abuse and mental health treatment.


As long as we have funds available, all services are at no cost to those who need assistance and are solely for the purpose of providing relief to the under-privileged and/or under-served, enhancing academic success, combating juvenile delinquency and promoting the overall health and stability of the community.


The Early Release Program initiated by Riverway Communities of Hope provided supervised, wholesome and educational fun for all students who chose to participate. The goal was to keep children safe while providing them with structured activities that were lead by role models and mentors who promoted the value of a stable, drug-free life.

RCoH's After School Events were important to our area youth. These events address the concern about the vulnerability of children who become “latchkey kids” during the hours between dismissal from school and the end of their parents' workday. These supervised activities also provided opportunities for youth to learn new skills from local artists and artisans, receive homework help if needed, benefit from a nutritious snack, and be mentored by adults of the community. Unfortunately, the after-school program is currently unavailable while RCoH lacks an adult coordinator for the program.


All funding for assessment or counseling appointments, for after school activities or for transportation is covered through donations or money raised through the efforts of Riverway Communities of Hope volunteers. Special thanks for donations or grant funds from the Office of Justice Assistance, Alliant Energy, Clare Family Foundation, United Way, Richland County United Givers, Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin, Kwik Trip, Riverdale Manor, Council of Catholic Women, United Presbyterian (Muscoda), Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, Fresh Start, S.A.F.E. Grant County Coalition, Safe and Stable Families, Compeer, Bemis, Land's End, Upland Hills Hospital, Gunderson Hospital, and many generous individuals.


Riverway Communities of Hope anticipates a 15% increase in the number of youth served for mental health or substance abuse counseling.

During the years of the Early Release Program, we addressed a need in the area that was currently unmet---the supervision of children who are “too old” for traditional child care/day care settings. The Early Release Program was designed to strengthen students' life skills and ability to withstand the stressors that surround them, enabling them to make better choices for their futures (and thus improve the entire community).

By utilizing volunteers from Riverway Communities of Hope as well as volunteers from other groups in the community, the program strengthened social bonding and assisted students in developing caring relationships with people with strong standards against substance abuse.

Our success was measured by increases in participation and by the knowledge that we provided safe, enjoyable and enriching activities for the youth of our area when there previously was no program available.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of an adult coordinator at this time, the Early Release Program has been on hold until an adult leader can be found.